Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Jim Jones is the capo of "fug"

My hate/hate fascination with Jim Jones is still in full effect. Today I'm spending a lot of time obsessing over the fact that his fashion sense has at some point gone so fully wrong that he's starting to look like the Eurotrash dudes in my neighborhood. This is not the kind of shirt that looks good on anyone, unless he is gay, Italian, and living about four years ago. And even then it's only mildly acceptable.
It looks like Jimmy and Juelz both discovered some secret source for oversized, busted-ass-looking bootcut jeans. I hope for all of our sakes that they keep it a secret.
I am working all of this into a diss track for my new mixtape, Seriously You Guys Gotta Cut this Shit Out It's Really Bothering Me and a Lot of Other People. Free Don Cannon.