Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Hopper sent me these pictures over AIM last night. They're from right around the time that we started being friends. I love them. It's crazy to me that Hopper and I have been friends for long enough to share nostalgia like this.
At a party, ca. 2002
This is me and Hops right after we met. I want to say it's at a party, but it sort of looks like her old bathroom. We were both working on developing new looks. What I thought I was accomplishing with that hairstyle has been lost to the mists of booze time.

County fair rejects
This is a little while after that. There was a summer where we basically dressed like the people that that freaked us out by at county fairs when we were younger. Sometime after we went to a Halloween party dressed as PJ Harvey and Marc Bolan, and didn't drop the look for a long time.