Tuesday, October 05, 2004

All of the shows.

Perfect Panther's going on a micro-tour. We'll be kicking it live at the following joints on the corresponding nights listed. If you read this and you don't go to the show I heard that it negatively affects your credit rating. So you should probably be there.

Wed. Oct. 06 - 8PM - 21+ - BOTTOM LOUNGE
Perfect Panther
Quieting Syrup (ex Denali / mbr of Pinebender)
Robert Cherry

Washington DC
Fri. Oct. 15 Warehouse Next Door
Perfect Panther
The Creeping Nobodies
Barr/Bobby Birdman/1999

Brooklyn, NY
Sat. Oct. 16 downstairs at North Six for CMJ festival. 10PM
Perfect Panther


Morgan said...

washington dc?! how will we get there?!

Anonymous said...

You are in charge of my boyfriend for DC. Make sure he is good. He is 1999. See you soon. LV KS