Thursday, November 04, 2004

Nine reasons to be happy even after Kerry concedes.

1.) Chicago TV Polish-language amateur boxing shows.
2.) White American kids posting comments on Japanese porn blogs pretending to be rich Taiwanese kids.
3.) White American hardcore kids whose favorite bands are clothing lines.
4.) "Drop It Like It's Hot"
5.) "Drop It Like It's Hot" dance moves.
6.) Slint reunion.
7.) The drawing of forest animals where it looks like one squirrel is telling the other squirrel a secret.
8.) Cats.
9.) "It's Called 'Binoculars'": Sunday, Nov. 28 at the Empty Bottle


Fuzzy said...

> 1.) Chicago TV Polish-language amateur boxing shows.

Holy crap! When/what channel is that on?

-J said...

huzzah for slint. obviously heartened by the warm reception the pixies are getting. i just hope it's not as wack and obviously financially motivated as the Braid "reunion".

Miles Raymer said...

The Polish boxing show comes on late Thursday night. I don't know what channel it's on. I think tuning it in requires active prayer on your part.

Anonymous said...

or hang out with some shitty girl that just makes fun of you, i mean damn thats pretty awesome.