Monday, October 23, 2006

Booze helped too.

Are you sick of reading "the iPod turned five let's all talk about the iPod," stories yet?

"It would be a bit much to say that the iPod helped us heal from the wounds of 9/11 –- or would it?"

Okay, how about now?
That is shit writing on such a profoundly shitty level that it not only makes me hate the article (normal reaction to bad writing), and by extension feel like the guy writing it is kind of a douche (severely bad), but is actually making me second-guess my plan to buy a new iPod (off the scale, must buy a new scale because this one is broken now). You know what helped us heal from the wounds of 9/11? Booze and terror sex and the scene from Young Frankenstein where they sing "Puttin on the Ritz," and as much of all of those as we could handle. Not a hard drive with headphones.
Don't try to cheapen terror sex's contribution.