Monday, April 02, 2007

"Daddy, why does my room smell like the foul odor of phallic racism?"

At one point Amber started talking about black guys. "I wasn't thrilled," says Jeff. "Nope, wasn't a fan." But she persisted, and he decided to go along. "I like seeing Amber get off," he says with a shrug. "It excites the hell out of me. And it's better if they're black. All Amber wants is sex. Black guys get that. And I know that Amber would never date a black man."
Okay, tying up your non-traditional sex life with being a seemingly oblivious racist is one thing. The celebrated men of the Florida Mandingos seem fine with the deal as presented to them, and seem to get off on the race play just as much as the white people. I'm not cool with it, but this is still the America I believe in where willing people are allowed to fuck other willing people in any sort of combination they're all willing to handle.
But I do have a problem with this:
Jeff's casual bigotry aside, tonight's orgy is fairly typical. Amber's two boys, 11 and 13, have been shipped off to their grandparents' house, and their rooms have been suitably modified[.]
Unacceptable. I believe a lot in my fuck-friendly America, I also believe just as much as a thing called good taste. And hosting a racism/cuckolding-themed orgy in your kids' rooms absolutely crosses a line that should be obvious to anyone. Finding out that your parents host racist orgies in your room is the kind of thing that can easily turn a normal 13 year old kid into the kind of person who huffs brain-damaging chemicals and disembowels hookers. These people are, above all else, shitty at being parents.
Shining a flashlight underneath the 11-year-old's bed, he tuts and tsks. "There, look, a condom wrapper! I missed one of these once, and the kids found it. You know, I leave a trash can in every room, but still, some people . . ."
Those are not sentences that any person should ever say.