Wednesday, September 21, 2005


One of my favorite things right now is the slogan of the Revolutionary Communist Four Speaking Tour, “It’s Way Past Time to Throw Off the Chains of Oppression and Get With the Emancipators of History!”, a slogan whose totally awesome "Goddmamn it already," cranky vibe more than makes up for the fact that it is way too bulky and unwieldy to be a slogan that anyone will actually ever use. The other one of my favorite things right now is the Campo de Montalban cow/goat/sheep cheese. Imagine a shit-tight 3-on-3 street ball team, where each of the members is one of the type of milks that go into Campo de Montalban, your pallet is represented by the court, and the basketball is flavorfulness and when you eat some of it it's like all three of them are doing insane backwards slam dunks at the same time. Serious.

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