Monday, October 31, 2005

Some notes.

- My cat is greedy and lazy and dwarfed by her own sense of entitlement. I will make a great middle-class parent some day.
- For some days I have been contemplating the meaning of Julianne's Flash Gordon reference in her link to my blog. As of right now: still no idea.
- Hip hop is starting to feel just like any other sport to me. I don't follow sports. Can someone start making me a highlight reel? I like highlight reels.
- A coincidence: I was writing a song today and working out what exactly it is about Karen O's vocals that I'm trying to rip off, and I took a break to go downstairs and watch Katrina from Celebration totally head-fake Karen O from a decade and half a continent away. I'm used to watching bands that aren't as good as Jaks, so now I'm all confused. Damn, Bloodsucker, indeed.
- Sub-note: I am only ripping off female musicians from now on. I mostly only give a shit about female musicians these days, and it will be less obvious to people that I'm ripping musicians off if they're women. (What kind of self-respecting male musician steals moves from chicks anyway?) Don't hate the player, hate the patriarchy.
- Sub-note 2: Indian Jewelry is playing at the Mutiny tonight (10/31/05). If you wanna add some real tribal freakiness (seriously on some Spahn-Ranch-scene-report shit) to your Halloween, or if you just like oversized glasses of beer, go check it out.
- New issue of Hit It Or Quit It available now at record stores and Insound. Home delivery is available for single females ISO SWMs into spicy food, hot tubs, and long, drunken diatribes about what the reemergance of acid house "really means".

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