Monday, April 10, 2006

Aren't list entries themselves cliched? Hmmm....

If you don't mind, I'm going to just go ahead and add a couple new entries to the List of Rock Band Promotional Photo Cliches. I'm sure we are all familiar with "The Alley That Our Band Is Standing In Is Meant to Represent Our Toughness," "We Are All On The Couch Together, A Band," "We Are Sitting On The Porch and Something Is Troubling Us or Pissing Us Off," as well as the rarer (but still overused) "This Is Us And This Is The Brooklyn Bridge For Some Reason." But time and evolution, and, ironically enough, the desire to take non-cliched promo photos has led to a rise in the number of band photos in these following now-cliched categories:
"I Am Lost In The Woods and Good-Looking"
"This Field Looks Like It Might Be Perfect For A Picnic, Don't You Think?" (doesn't count if band is actually picnicking)
"Hey Check It Out: We're Doing 'We Are All On the Couch Together, A Band'" (ironic)
"This Disarmingly Personal Photograph Shows that Beneath My Cartoonish Rapper Persona I Am Still A Man, and Human"
"Professional-Quality Upskirt"

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