Friday, April 21, 2006

Dammit now.

Seriously, why are you riding a tandem bicycle? I could maybe be okay with you doing that if it was a big, consciously dorky cruiser bike, and you were just cruising around looking like a dorkily in love couple. I don't get down with that shit, but I'm not gonna be mad at someone for broadcasting their shit-eating-grin love state for all the public to see. I can even forgive certain instances of couples wearing matching outfits. But no, this tandem bicycle was a slim racing bike that I can only imagine is made out of expensive alloys, and you both were wearing helmets and tight outfits and were hunched over your handlebars all serious-looking. Were you practicing? Are you a tandem bicycling team? I hand't thought of that before, but why would you be practicing on the streets downtown during rush hour? That doesn't make much sense.
What the hell, people?

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