Tuesday, May 23, 2006

That’s just what it is, G.

The best rock crit rubbernecking opportunities recently have been Q&As with Ghostface Killah, who has decided to become the worst interview subject ever. There's a certain schadenfreud-style thrill that I get in seeing another journalist having their weakest interview questions backhanded into their faces by a guy who wears a robe in public on the regular.
Also nice is Ghostface getting a little meta on the interview process:
Lately you and many other East Coast artists have been criticizing Southern hip-hop, in particular songs such as “Laffy Taffy.”
Ghostface Killah: Man, that’s all y’all be talking about lately.

Is he commenting on the media's overexamination of artists' gestures, or critiquing the laziness of the pop culture press? Or is he just mad?
"Right now, I say fuck New York. Yeah, I’m from New York, but fuck New York. Because niggas is pussy. They is so quick to jump on the next man’s dick and can’t even deal with what they got in front of they face."
One day I will learn how to hate as hard as Ghostface Killah, and I will become totally powerful. On that day I will buy a robe and a cranberry Snapple and get to hating full-time. It will be the best day of my life.

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