Wednesday, August 09, 2006


If you need new headphones or are thinking about stepping up your personal audio game and you asked me about the situation, I would tell you to try the Sennheiser HD-202's. They're over-the-ear style but don't have the "ask me about my retarded views on current music (except you can't, because I'm ignoring you with my giant headphones [but you can still look])" kind of frontin-ness to them. And when you clamp them on there's a nice pressure change like an airplane door closing and then nothing but a kind of near-freaky isolation-chamber kind of silence before you kick your choice of funky jams. And the bass response easily handles the 808's on this Lil' Weezy track.
Sorry to get all consumer fetishist on you. They're really good headphones. They're also only $29.99 at a store that I will not name, but will only say that they're the ones who sent the cease and desist letter to Virgin Mega Whore. (It's not Coconuts.)