Monday, September 18, 2006

Raps about drugs

Fuck, man. Still Listen to Gangsta Music posted a new Streets remix today, this time with vocals by Pete Doherty, and it's a heavy fucker. The song is Mike Skinner's coke paranoia jam, "Pranging Out," which makes drafting Doherty for it either a macabre bit of stunt casting or else total brilliance. But I don't even know that anyone did cast him. Doherty's vocals sound sort of lo-fi/home-recorded, and the edits are sloppy. He may have just done it on his own and put it on the internet. Who knows.
The important part is how equally brilliant and fucked up the final piece is: Skinner's epic, stuttering beat and Doherty talk-rapping through it, speaking lyrics that are garbage or stunningly honest and good. He sounds like a messed-up friend on the phone at 3 AM, he sounds like he have been wasted while he recorded it. He sounds like he's already dead.