Monday, September 13, 2004

How do you get a job only playing in supergroups?

To Live And Shave In L.A. played downstairs tonight. With-it advertising agencies should take note that, given the amount of high-end AV recording equipment and cutting-edge sneakers present at the show (grungy Andrew W.K. fans clutching disposable cameras and an earnest belief in the transcendent power of The Wolf close to their hearts notwithstanding), attendees of pretentious noise band shows are a lucrative demographic. Personally, I prefer the trashier To Live And Shave In L.A. 2 to the original, but I'm not much of a market share.
Yakuza opened and kept it gully: bad hair, dreadlocks in unexpected facial locations, real evil saxophoning. The closest a metal band has come to truly Lovecraftian mind-fucking in a long time. If you are a metal band and you have candles on stage and you personally carry your candles on and off the stage with your gear yourself, you are guaranteed a place in my heart.
In between sets Zach and I came up with a convincing theory about how The Lost Boys is an allegory for the Doors. Jason Patric = Jim Morrison, Corey Haim = John Densmore, Keifer Sutherland = acid, the Jim Morrison poster = the Snake, the grandpa = dead Indian. Think about it.

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Zebediah Djefferson said...

Interesting take on the Shave gig. I kinda was dulled out the Shave 2 thing, mainly because it was all a just a joke. From such talented players, almost zero intensity; hadn't Weasel Walter done enough parody/tribute projects already? Why did we need a No Wave Weird Al? However, I do see your point - TLASILA 2's tour a few years ago was trashy, but, in my opinion, bad, CBS 1980s TV-movie trashy. Maybe that's something people vibed on, but I preferred the raw bizarro vibe of the (ab)originals, and I loved seeing them reformed at the Bottle. Pretentious? I don't get that from them at all. They seemed very low-key and together to me - Rat was cool when I asked him questions after the show, and Tom was very relaxed, the (grizzled) picture of calm. Maybe you arrived with certain negative preconceptions... AWK played the hell out of his souped up drumkit, and that appeared to have been his only requirement. It gave their freak-noise shape, structure, and tsunami pressure-wave force, and for such diehard avant types, that represented a revolutionary departure. His fans looked a little puzzled, but so what? So did everybody else! Nobody expected anything like what they got at EB. I thought the faux-heavy metaloid openers were an amazing waste of time, and about as gully as the Mohave. But the candles were a good touch.