Friday, September 24, 2004


Caught Ssion last night. What used to be your average gay-kid-and-two-girls-in-animal-costumes-singing-along-to-a DVD-of-glamourclash/way-off-Broadway-pop-tunes-with-insane-animated-visuals kind of project has now turned into a full-on rock band. Like Rock And Roll. Cody's in Bob Dylan alcoholic hobo drag doing his best impression of Darby Crash's best Iggy Pop impression, and the statuary backing players blues vamp accordingly. I can't tell yet if it's better than the old Ssion, and I probably never will. I'm also not entirely clear on the current Ssion's statement or joke, but I laughed along a lot anyhow.
Cody's three best moves of the night:
3.) Breaking character from his mock-drunk, pratfalling, antagonistic Rock Singer persona to deliver a sincere and giddy "thank you" to someone who gave him a cigarette.
2a.) Writing a song with a three-minute "Hey Jude"-style "na na na na" outro that goes into a five-minute two-note bass solo that goes into a four-minute "na na na na" reprise.
2b.) Playing this song in front of a sweating, anxious mass waiting all the time less patiently for Gift Of Gab's set.
2c.) Throwing beer at these same people.
1.) Reclaiming Darby Crash as the gay icon he never was.

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