Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Sometimes you're just born with it.

You'd figure after something like 10 years of living on our own, that Zach and I could avoid situations like these. Spending the afternoon recovering from last night's overindulgance of drink and this morning's overindulgance of pirogie, neither of us capable of anything more than alternately internetting and sprawling on the couch reading the latest installment of our neighbor's cat's subscription to Maxim. You don't learn this kind of idiocy; you have to be born with it. I'm punishing our stupidity by putting current Maxim covergirl Avril Lavigne (she likes drinking, hates people getting up in her face) on iTunes. Loud. The acoustic version of "Complicated" is our penance.


Anonymous said...

Burn in hell, hangover, burn in fucking hell.


Nitin singh said...

Hey you don't believe this sory very impresdive