Monday, December 05, 2005

The Diabolical Clinton Biz

Two of the main points Hillary Clinton made during her couple-a-minutes speech at a Crobar event in honor of her senatorial-not-we-repeat-not-presidential-campaign-she-is-not-running-for-president-seriously-not even-thinking-about-it fund-raiser event at Crobar the other night: the deficit is seriously like WTF, and young people are the future. The remaining point she made is that Chicago is a great city that is great to be in. No mention of the war, and they cleared the protesters away before most members of the press arrived, but my co-workers snagged some pics. The high point of the evening is when Biz Markie induced probably several severe coronary episodes by referring to Hillary over the PA as "Our next president-esident-esident" (complete with Biz-generated faux Yankee stadium reverb effects), then played the intro to "Crazy In Love" as she came out of the secret passage she used to enter the club. The low point was possibly when all members of the press were, immediately after Clinton's speechlet, ordered and, on occasion, shoved out the doors by Secret Service agents. But if you are into being all pissed off at the Man and the Pigs, it was kind of like a secret high point at the same time.

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