Thursday, December 01, 2005

Do not bust that bullshit flavor at me.

We all know how tasty the peanut butter flavor Puffins cereal is, but do not think that just because the peanut butter flavor is the truth that you can go ahead and let them kick the honey rice flavor at you. The shit is heinous and nasty and it will wreck your afternoon, I swear.
Sal Principato from Liquid Liquid's coming to town tomorrow with his new project Electric Skin. You can read my writeup on it in this week's Reader. It's the first time that any Liquid Liquid-related project has hit Chicago, and it should be live. During my research for the article we discovered that Grand Royal's Liquid Liquid reissue is still essentially impossible to find on cd, but due to some weird twist of fate (or some bankruptcy-related inventory process) you can still cop it on lp at Grand Royal Direct. Is it worth twenty bucks to give your record geek bros jealous vinyl-boners? Some people would call it a steal.

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