Thursday, December 15, 2005

The low-end tech graveyard that we call home.

Despite our plans currently in the works to score a budget-priced widescreen HDTV monitor (the original plan of copping a resonable-sized television that would go on a little rolly-cart having been squashed by the sheer mass of cheap, ridiculous TVs on the market), the technology sitch around Casa Borracho is pretty janky at the moment. JR's iBook took a major shit last week, matching my own iBook's late-summer shit-taking, so we are currently time-sharing a lime-green iBook on loan from Hopper. OS 9.2 in full effect, full-time with the shitty Internet Explorer that is basically like our wireless router broadcasts the internet back to 1985 and we're supposed to blog from there, all discussing how Reagan sucks dick and how in a few years everyone's gonna be wearing Hypercolor sweatshirts. Apple had better release Intel chip PowerBooks before we revert to some Amish-style level of tech around here. I don't want to find myself having a serious debate with JR as to whether zippers are the devil's work.

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