Thursday, December 16, 2004

Hot air.

Our heat's back on. I came home yesterday from making "It's Called 'Binoculars'" Part Two* flyers and the furnace was blowing out cold air. Some guys came over today and now it's blowing out hot air. Lots of hot air. One night without heat I feel entitles me to engage in some serious all-American-sense-of-entitlement natural gas usage. I mean it's not like we're killing people over natural gas. We're just killing the environment, and the guys on tv say there's plenty of that left. Within the hour we should be reaching our goal of pants-optional hotness levels in here.
*Featuring myself, Jessica Hopper, and the world-famous Tommie Sunshine. Sunday, December 26 at the Empty Bottle, no cover, 21 and over. Dress to impress.

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