Tuesday, December 07, 2004

It's like even waking up right now feels like the most massive triumph. If someone wants to donate enough webspace to make a downloadable version of this, let me know.
The Seasonal Affective Disorder Acceptance And Avoidance Mixtape
TV On The Radio "New Health Rock"
Yeah Yeah Yeahs "Y Control"
Aloha "the new song that sounds like the Allman Brothers"
George Jones "The Race Is On"
The Nezema Kotoko Family "F. Kenya"
The Ex "Huriyet"
shutting the cat in the fridge when she tries to steal your pie
George Jones "She Thinks I Still Care"
Orange Glass "Feel 500"
Eric's Trip "Allergic To Love"
Nas "American Way"
learning to tie a Half-Windsor Knot
the Rolling Stones "Bitch"
The first song off of the new Holly Golightly record.
Randy Newman, Steve Martin, Martin Short, et al
"My Little Buttercup"
Bob Dylan "Don't Think Twice It's Alright"


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Anonymous said...

Or use the ultimate in free web space. Send each file to a gmail account and give out the login info.

Anonymous said...

hey, is this the fucking miles who used to live next door to me on cedar street in kalamazoo?

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Miles Raymer said...

This is that fucking Miles.

Dr. Frain said...

i'd totally take a copy of that mix tape.

jesus. i feel like some strange cosmic force is drawing our musical tastes closer and closer.

which is terrific because every single other person i know hates my music. and "my music" is about like that mix tape. or disc. or whatever.