Friday, June 17, 2005

How Hip Hop Has Affected The Way I Live My Life

What I Did Today:
- Spent the evening writing bizarre, overly-personal record reviews for a magazine I help put out.
- Talked over liquor sponsorship ideas.
- Booked a DJ gig at a cheesy club where known professional football players and women with tit jobs hang out. (The negotiation began and ended with a thug hug.)
- Was informed that a company which produces and distributes pornographic material on the internet is interested in featuring my band's music on its website.
- Talked over clothing line sponsorship ideas.

Jesus, is this what EVERY DAY of Benzino's life is like?

Note: I just went to link to and there's a holding page there. Dude doesn't even own his own .com? That's basically the equivalent of showing up at the Source awards wearing the bling that they sell at the Clark Station on Augusta.

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