Wednesday, June 01, 2005

These modern times.

"I think I Craigslisted one of your Friendsters this week."
"Oh, God."


e_prime said...


Miles Raymer said...

Umm...Craigslist is this thing online in bigger cities that's like a combination of the classified ads from one of those old-timey "newspapers" and that one area of the park where dudes go to get blowjobs.

e_prime said...

oh, I know Miles... NYC is so big we get broken down to boroughs... which is fine by me, because I'm a BrooklynKnight not a NewYorker...
Now if my part of the BK could just secede from the Williamsburg/Greenpoint Fiasco I'd be a happy boy.

I just don't know how you Craiglist a Friendsterer... although I'm sure it's possible...

How's Chi-Town treatin' ya?
Perfect Panther still goin'?
Good lucks to you pm the Banananas Scavenger Hunt. Make sure you and Hopper Kick Pitchforks ass.