Thursday, August 18, 2005

Better or (preferrably) worse living through chemistry.

I tried to watch the Kinski/Oneida show tonight but I've got allergies and I realized 2.5 seconds into Kinski's set that I don't even have the financial resources to get stoned enough to get down with them. Then again, I barely have the financial resources to invest in a decent sandwich. But drug music's only good when the drugs aren't good for the musician, you know? For as much acid as the Butthole Surfers did, it obviously didn't completely agree with them, and putting the Geto Boys or the first Stooges record on mass repeat is like being friends with one of those people that smokes weed all day long despite the toxic, aluminum-foil-over-the-windows paranoia that comes from it. Without that unbalanced edge you get Donovan or math rock. It works the same way with the fans. The relatively sedate psych-folk revival's got its future pinned on the pseudo-booj market for spendy weed, but you set some kids up on a maintenence regimen of Ritalin and SSRIs, let them grow up to the age where they start fucking with some alternative chemistry on top of that, and you get System of a Down, Mars Volta, and Hella doing arena shows together, which is truly bonkers on several levels. When mallrats have a dozen or so degrees of amped-litude over me on the subject of manic avant-rock, it gives me pause. But I'm not even trying to get it. I'm sticking with super-premium vodkas because I'm trying to be the 2006 Dame Dash.

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