Friday, August 12, 2005

Oh, The Guilt

I just got done on a final edit of this like real cynical and snarky faux MySpace music industry survey where it was all, "Oh, (inside joke about some band that got really heavily PR-ed and totally sucked) [nudge, knowing smile]". I think I was actually kind of smirking to myself in satisfaction and loading Blogger up so I could post it on my blog when I all of the sudden remembered the war in Iraq and I was like, "WHAT THE FUCK!" You can't realize anything faster than how I realized how utterly pointless my fucking "bands you 'know'" vs. "bands you actually know" equation is. I swear you could almost actually hear me thinking "WHAT THE FUCK!" so hard that it echoed in the back alley behind my building.
Is what's happening to the subculture now like what happened to the hippies? Did we just become the hippies c.1972? I need to read some of the real paranoid Phillip K. Dick stories right now because that shit's starting to make a lot of sense, and I need to make myself a poster to hang on the back of my bedroom door that says, "BURN DOWN THE WHOLE FUCKING SYSTEM" so I stop forgetting that.

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