Thursday, February 17, 2005

Quick Note About Rap:

"At The Party" by Northern State is the worst rap song ever. It is worse than "Addams Family Groove", any rap song performed by cartoons, Rappin' Grannies, animals or babies with computer-animated mouths, or the Game. It's like some suburban AP student's idea of a wacky and inventive class project but something's gone horribly wrong and people take them seriously, and the worst part of it is that music magazines can only cover two female MCs/groups per fiscal year [it's a legal thing], so every piece on Northern State is a wasted opportunity to cover Jean Grae or Psalm One or any other woman who actually deserves praise and pay for what they do on a microphone.


Dr. Lawyer IndianChief said...



john said...

man, i hate northern state. they make me long for luscious jackson, they are that bad.