Friday, February 18, 2005

Workplace Music War

I really wanted to go more in-depth about Northern State yesterday, but Blogger was jacking up and I don't have the patience to deal with that. You know.
But so that song is on the soundtrack at my work, along with some real miserable garbage and a few gems tossed in here and there to keep employees like myself from clawing our eardrums out. So I've decided to spend the rest of February, or as long as our current workplace soundtrack stays in effect (possibly into early March) blogging daily reviews of songs from the 2-hour DVD that loops nonstop throughout my workday. 2 hours per DVD x 40 hours per week working x 4 weeks a month = a deep understanding of each and every song on the thing that ordinary critics can't hope to touch. Here is entry number 2 in the Workplace Soundtrack Blog-ation:
Shine - "Explosive" (audio clip available here [You should really listen. It's incredible in a fashion.])
This is what nouveau riche Miami real estate golden boys think their sexmaking sounds like.

Thank you.

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