Tuesday, February 01, 2005

(Partial) Tracklist: DJ Yves St. LeRoc at Binoculars III (with notes)

Phoenix - "Everything Is Everything (Remix by Jack Lahana)"1
TV On The Radio - "New Health Rock"
Interpol - "Slow Hands (Britt Daniel Remix)"2
Diplo - "Rhythm"3
Elastica - "Stutter"
Gwen Stefani - "What You Waiting For (Felix Da Housecat's 'The Rude Ho' Remix)4
Touchin' Bass - "Krunk"
Nas - "Made You Look"
Electrelane - "On Parade"
Bush Tetras - "You Can't Be Funky"5
M.I.A. - "Galang"6
Jay-Z - "Dirt Off Your Shoulders (Afrostreet Remix)7
Weird War - "AK-47"
Rolling Stones - "Everything Is Turning To Gold"8

1 - The original has a nice "white boy with an expensive haircut" silky funk vibe. The remix is surprisingly fucked/crunked up and good, flipping it into a chant-along burner.
2 - Again, the remix cuts the hair product-y guitar out and keeps most of the track on a vocals/bass/beat-only tip that is way funkier. Brought out to the front, you can tell why Carlos D gets all of the vampire sex he wants.
3 - If you are spinning this track, do not get over-hypnotized by the amazing kid-rapping-in-Portuguese verse that's the real killer shit here because there's no 16-bar outro and you'll miss your transition like I did.
4 - So after something like 8 months straight of No Doubt on my work's soundtrack I was primed and ready to get brainwashed by the new Stefani, which is just about funky and lyrically neurotic and strange to justify it being stuck in my head 78% of my waking time.
5 - Yeah, I'm kind of over skritchy guitar white people disco too, but it's hard to get out of the habit.
6 - People should be losing shit completely on the first bass kick like they used to for "Work It", but maybe "Galang" hasn't penetrated the pop consciousness enough for that yet, or maybe the 29-38 $50K+ demographic isn't about losing their shit to the funk or something, so the crowd did not, in fact, lose any of their shit at all. We played it twice just to make sure. Nope.
7 - Off of the Reworked 3 bootleg 12". Dang, putting Hov over a real twisted horn line that comes from somewhere between West Africa and a tricked-out Mexican car horn is a pretty good idea.
8 - Their disco-era work is the most universally hated part of the Stones canon (this track coming from the Sucking In The 70s compilation, and I came to it out of ironic love of the immense badness of "Emotional Rescue" but stayed for the combination of painfully simple Watts drumming, between-cocaine-binges Jagger boredom and swagger, and heavily-effected K.Richards guitar parts. "Everything Is Turning To Gold" is every good late-70s Stones trick jammed into one track, and it totally rules. And for some reason it is almost always one of the most successful songs in my set in terms of getting people to actually dance. Dunno.

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