Thursday, February 24, 2005

Dang, Christina!

So number one, Workplace Soundtrack Blogfuck Series Uno (possibly the most ambitious and important project in the history of the internet) has been dereailed by the running beef between my hard drive and the rest of the computer. We will be back this weekend, back with a vengeance.
Number two, I really did not mean to bump into Christina Milian, especially to bump into her so roughly. It's just that I don't look at where I'm walking a lot of the time, and she really is kind of magnetic in a literal sense, so I couldn't help it. I did however give her an on-purpose cocked-eyebrow-and-smile combo, because if there's anything funnier than pissing off a celebrity it is to mack on them after you piss them off. I meant to spit more serious game at Christina Applegate when she came in the day after that, but girl is looking a little bit roughed-up these days.
Number three is that I have to take off now to go take care of some catsitting and the attendant liquor-and-food-raiding activities that go along with the job.
Number four: please listen to Demon's Claws' self-titled album (Dead Canary Records, DCR004).

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