Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Class actions.

I need a new coat. I went out shopping tonight, ready to drop triple-digits on some winter outerwear and maybe a Look upgrade. The past two winters I've been wearing the same Gap clearance-rack parka, and I was considering stepping my style up a notch with a nice-looking overcoat-type jam. I generally dress like someone splitting the difference between smacked out Stones and an acid casualty with femme tendencies and too many records. I'm nearing 30, and at some point I'm going to make the decision to either wear nice-looking clothes or go quietly into the eternal record store clerk/Thurston Moore night. I found an affordable, good-looking coat at H&M that actually fits me, and I almost dropped the $150 on it, but decided to hold out, sleep on it for a minute. Earlier in the day I had bought the new issue of Spin and within minutes found myself checking out what Franz Ferdinand is wearing for possible inspiration. It had left me troubled, finding myself in the midst of such a desperate action.
When my co-conspirator/occasional editor/full-time fashion consultant Jessica Hopper swung by I asked her opinion on the coat matter. "You should get a big puffer coat in a bright color. Just go to Rainbow and buy a girl's jacket."
As the universe is eternally drawn towards entropy, so am I ever drawn to tackiness, and the girls' section clearance rack.

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