Sunday, November 06, 2005

OhSnap 2.06 beta

Big ups to whoever in the ad agency Napster's hired for their "Have Everything/Own Nothing" campaign that's currently plastered all over our bus shelters. If there's not already an award for advertisements that put the product's un-consumer-friendly features (in this case, the fact that if you sign up for Napster you don't actually own the music you download, but rather sort of rent it for the time you subscribe to the Napster service, and once you quit it you can't fuck with your own music that you paid for) there should be. The next prize in this category will go to whoever comes up with Sony's "If You Actually Legally Buy Our Music We Will Put Malware On Your Computer That You Wouldn't Get If You Downloaded Our Shit Illegally But Fuck You Anyways" campaign, if they have the balls to really go through with it.
In related technology news, I'm developing a program that will immediately place any manipulative emails from your exes into the your junk mail folder, along with an autoreply of an email with an animated .gif of a Mummenshantz guy giving the sender the finger. I'm calling it iThoughtyouknew.

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