Monday, January 03, 2005

AM Gold on FM

I had it all wrong.
I was busy trying to write a manifesto for 2005: The Year Of Keeping It Gangsta (it's all about embracing cold assholism in order to handle your business, a sad script flip on 2004's attempts at rediscovering naive hippy bliss while awaiting a massive Kerry victory and consequent American Re-Enlightenment) and listening to All Eyez On Me on headphone blast and making fuck-you faces at my computer, but what I should have been doing was driving Jessica's car around listening to 97.1 The Drive. So then I did that. Fuck, dude; you can get so wound up in angry knots that you forget that sometimes the meaning of life is cruising and getting mellow on some crucial Cat Stevens/Doobie Bros./"Little Wing" rock block with a hot chick and a hamster riding shotgun.


Anonymous said...



Dr. Frain said...

boy were you fucking wrong.

i need to visit you soon.

i may stay for weeks. is that ok?

i'll pay your rent.