Sunday, January 02, 2005

Thank you for 2004, kinda.

New Year's Eve I saw a sludgy and great metal hardcore band play in a kitchen. Then I DJ'd off of someone else's iPod for a sweaty, drunken, bouncing group of Kill Hannah fans and hangers-on, my most successful set yet in terms of audience movement due to Greg's electro-new-wave-filled iPod and the party's love of electro-new-wave styles. Yes, I guess the party was chanting my name, but I can't help but think that I should be doing things to make sure people chant my name more often.
Thanks 2004, I guess. I won't say we had the best time together, but you weren't the worst. You gave me a couple of new friends, a couple bad, Jada's "Why", a drastic haircut, the break in "Slow Hands" and the intro to that one good Phoenix song. The bright white Converse trend. Animal Collective live. Blazing the shit out of some rock band sets. A couple of good drunks, a few bad. A couple of Dick Cheney impressions. I figured out how to drop "Y Control" off of "New Health Rock" and blended that into "We Need A Resolution", which might have been the best thing I did all year. Oh, but then again, 2004, you were kind of a dick sometimes. Honestly, between you and Ohio, I got pretty pissed off. And there was that breakup, the panic attacks, and the fact that you were the third year in a row that I failed to live up to my 2002 New Year's Resolution, which was the deceptively simple, "No more drama in my life." Maybe it would be best if we didn't talk anymore. And no, I'm not going to add you to my Friends List.

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