Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Signal To Noise

So WIT and Avenue D and all of those coke-chanteuse female-fronted electroclash bands took the anti-professionalism of Bikini Kill and stripped it of the politics at its core, and took Debbie Harry's Cold Sexy Bitch With A Microphone pose and turned the irony of it (the irony which made DH's stance more about power than pin-ups) all the way up until it doubled in on itself and negated the message, and so now we're stuck with these second-wave polectroclash Noise Is The New Thing bands of girls playing keyboards half-assed, and flailing half-choreographed in wigs and fuck-me skirts with no greater goal or desire than to be at the center of a group of dudes' attention for a half hour, and sometimes it's like watching the past two decades of women's progress in the underground music scene lying down to die.
Also: I would recommend spending an amount of money something like half of my year's earnings on digital musical equipment and staying willfully ignorant on how to use it as a great way to say, "I am a child of privilege and I am literally unable to give a fuck," without having to use any words.

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