Monday, January 10, 2005

Definite lurking feeling.

I was just walking back up Western to my apartment after an ill-fated and unneccessary trip downtown to show up at work when I was not actually supposed to show up at work, and this guy came out of the Litehouse. He was forty-ish, black, chubby and bearded, and he was chatty. He asked me how my weekend was, told me it was a tough day to have to go to work, told me to have a nice day, all in this too-high squeaky voice that gave me the creeps. Maybe it's the lack of sleep or that for some reason I can't figure out he reminds me of the preacher from Poltergeist 2*, or maybe it's the paranoia you get when the new Mario single has been on repeat in your brain for most of a week nonstop, but I have a definite lurking feeling after talking to the dude that he has managed somehow to steal my soul.
*Which I can't figure out, in part at least, because the preacher in P2 is white, tall and thin, and this dude was not singing creepy hymns or trying (as far as I can tell) to kidnap me in order to harness my powers for evil.

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plastic passion said...

i love the lighthouse--especially in the early a.m. hours, preferrably drunk. there's always tons of creepy characters in there.